I’m not going to force some fad diet down upon you that  in a month’s time, scientists will discover is actually in fact bad for your health. Nor am I going to promote the consumption of acai berries or wheatgrass powder. Because let’s face it, we’re students and the majority of us don’t even know what an acai berry is, where it comes from and what it tastes like.


However, over our time at university we should probably avoid getting overweight and unhealthy. Here are 8 realistic improvements you can make to your health:

  1. When you go out drink light spirits as there are slightly fewer calories than darker spirits. However, ‘Drink Aware’ give the shocking fact that “A single 37.5% ABV vodka and tonic contains 96 calories: the equivalent of a crumpet.”
  2. Shop at your local grocers and butchers.  There are often great deals and shopping locally can make your bank account look healthier too.
  3. Make simple changes to your day-to-day activities: use the stairs rather than the lift and walk rather than getting the bus when possible.
  4. Avoid cheesy chips with curry sauce or a Donner kebab after a night out (“But, it comes with salad” – No.) Eat a sensible meal before you start drinking.
  5. Get some exercise: teh gym is a healthy way to procrastinate from doing work…  but gyms can be pricey, so try to get outside instead with a friend- have you seen the size of the Clifton Downs? Even power-walking around it once or twice a week will benefit your health.
  6. Drink lots of water. It’s healthy. It improves brain activity and it’s free.
  7. With constant assignments looming and impending exams, it’s impossible not to feel anxious. But stress isn’t healthy- take time to relax and have fun!
  8. Substitute foods: switch white bread for wholemeal and chocolate for fruit, you get used it after a while.

Visit the Feel Good February website to see what events are on, learn about the loyalty card scheme where there are 1,000’s of prizes to be given away and there’s even the chance to become a ‘Feel Good Champion.

By Jessica Vick