How to survive your housemates… 


Laura Howe has just started her third year studying Journalism and Media and Cultural studies at UWE. This will be her first year writing for the Western Eye and she will be writing a column every Monday about the trials and tribulations of living with other students. There will be lots of stories and advice, so keep reading and enjoy the ride.

 A-Z of Films



Jana will be picking and reviewing the best films from all time, bringing us a post every Tuesday for every letter of the alphabet. 




George is a third year Politics student.  He writes his column every  Wednesday with a satirical take on student journalism and is committed to making sure the rest of the world is bored to tears by his views.





Dinner with Dino 

559381_10152003298579548_2127405409_nDino is a 22-year-old history student and a massive foodie! As well as travelling around the world and sampling lots of delicious food he likes to cook authentic dishes with real flavours that have been made from generations old recipes, though is innovative too! My two specialities are Balkan cuisine and Chinese cuisine. He hopes his column will aid and inspire you to cook and love your food!



Fashion Fortnightly


Fashion fortnightly will be giving you all the much needed info for living fashionably as a student. Here you can get everything from tips and tricks on how to save money, to debates and discussions on the right and wrongs of the fashion industry.


The Bucket List

Having sent off one postgraduate application to Oxford, and one of us still soul searching for future direction, we realised that it was time to do all of the amazing/ridiculous and mundane things that we never got round to doing so far at University.  Facing the impending doom of adulthood has not been an easy task. So we’ve decided to put it off for a little longer, and create a University ‘Bucket List’.