Credit: Roisin Greenup
Credit: Roisin Greenup

UWE’s very own VP for Sport and Health, Roisin Greenup, discusses why she loves sport and what it is about windsurfing that floats her boat.


“Sport brings people together. Playing any sport helps you develop teamwork, as you are constantly making new friends who enjoy the shared love of your sport. The constant pursuit of excellence is motivating and the enjoyment that the journey brings makes it all worthwhile.”

Is there any particular sport that fascinates you?

“Windsurfing – it is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. It’s hard to learn and becoming part of the exclusive club who can, is a thrill. It develops tenacity, courage and mental strength to commit to any sport, you must conquer the physical pains and mental fear you face. I windsurf because it lets me escape from the repetition of everyday life. The adrenaline and sheer joy of flying across the water with not a care in the world couldn’t end any other way than a beaming smile on my face.”

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By Charlie La Foret