A Model United Nations started on Friday at UWE with 30 participants coming from as far as France to attend the event. The UN simulation is organised by the Politics And International Relations Society (PAIRS) for the 3rd year in a row and promises to be quite exciting. Western Eye has its own delegation that will be covering the event.

The topic this year is “In the face of severe violations of human rights, should sovereignty be conditional?” Each of the delegates represents one country and has to express its views. By the end of the weekend they should come up with different suggestions for the changes they want to see in the legislation.

Philip Cole, a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at UWE, gave the opening speech which presented the historical background on the question and showed the two options in front of the world at the moment: “We can leave everything as it is, or we can change it!”

Some delegates experienced problems while trying to get to the event.  

However, the debates soon began and the first coalitions were already starting to be formed. Rumor has it that Russia and Cuba will stick together.

The second day of the event promises to be even more interesting with more time for debates. Follow #UWEMUN for the latest news and tweet your opinion about the line between sovereignty and human rights.

By Yuliya Kosharevska