BcS62OeBy Danielle Scregg

This week, as I scrolled through a photography website known as PetaPizel I came across this very bizarre and incredibly creative set of images collaborated by a photo retoucher Cristian Girotto and photographer Quentin Curtat.

Photographer Quentin and photoshop wizz Cristian both live in Paris.

Cristian specialises in retouching photographs and in this case he has put his talents towards producing a wonderful set of images that explore adults inner children.

It appears as though Cristian has found the antidote for turning back the clock in photoshop to the extreme, creating a humorous, cartoon like effect on the subjects being photographed.

I assume we are all aware of the lengths some photographers go to in order to create the perfect body and facial features of many celebrities that feature on the front of magazines etc. Although it is a comical, yet creepy attribution to the tools Photoshop provides, it is still a good example of what type of editing is possible these days.

These photographs truly capture the cuteness of toddlers and they also incorporate telling signs of adulthood, such as greying hair and full grown beards.

It is the rosy cheeks, freckled faces and wide eyes that make these photographs interesting. The facial expressions of the subjects also helps create childlike innocence, obedience and wonder that you often find plastered across children’s faces on a day to day basis.

Cristian has accentuated the expressions and enlarged their heads which almost creates these doll like figures. In some images he has edited their teeth in order for them to look more like milk teeth.

Credit should also be given to photographer Quentin. I really like the way he has framed the photographs; with a rather large space between the edge of the image and the beginning of the head. This simple compositional decision subtly places the idea of infancy in my mind because it immediately signifies to me that the subject are not very tall.

As creepy as this photo series is, I couldn’t help but share these creations as they show admirable photoshop and portraiture skills.