A study conducted by voucher code site has discovered that young, single British adults living away from home, on average cook only two of their own evening meals per week.

Fridges may be full, but most students tend to eat out instead. Image by Naomi Curston

Laziness and a lack of skill in the kitchen are the two most cited reasons for this.

The study conducted by vouchercloud.com, which polled 2,413 people, discovered that the most popular alternative to home cooking was eating at parents’ houses, followed closely by ordering takeaway. Snacking, going out to restaurants, and eating with friends or friends’ parents also made the list.

These statistics are just one facet of an ongoing study by vouchercloud.com that examines the lifestyle of 18-25 year olds. All those who took part in the research had been living independently for two years or less, and were asked questions about their motivations for moving out, as well as being interrogated about their ability to look after themselves.

27% of respondents seemed reluctant to transition to full independence at all, confessing to a desire to simply find a partner willing and able to cook their meals for them.

Nonetheless, there are high hopes for the impact this study will have on future generations.

Chris Johnson, Head of Operations at vouchercloud.com said: “Cooking is a life skill that everyone needs to have. Hopefully, parents will look at the results of this study and spend more time with their children in the kitchen before they fly the nest and discover they can’t in fact fend for themselves.”

Given that 18-25 years olds spend twice as much money on takeaway and restaurant meals as on food to prepare at home, Johnson’s advice is at least financially sound.

Vouchercloud.com is the UK’s most popular money-saving brand, offering discounts on everything from dining out and shopping to hotel stays and cinema tickets.

By Naomi Curston