Image by Paolo Neo

As of October 1, it will become illegal for motorists to smoke tobacco inside a vehicle while carrying passengers under 18.

This is a move made by the government to protect children from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

BCA, one of the first car auctioning company in the UK, believe the in-car smoking ban will not only improve health but also have a financial advantage to those considering selling their car.

Tim Naylor, Editor of the BCA Used Car Market Report, said: “Presentation is absolutely key when it comes to determining the value of a used car and lighting up behind the wheel can be seriously damaging to the resale potential of your car.

“Smoking not only leaves a lingering smell in the cabin, issues with visible damage such as cigarette burns and nicotine-staining are a real concern for used car buyers.”

He added: “Smoking in a car is not only a health risk, it is potentially detrimental to the value of that car when the time comes to sell it. So the ban will not only be good news for motorists’ and passengers’ health but will potentially be a positive for used car values too.”

Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals which, if inhaled by a child, could cause meningitis, cancer, bronchitis and pneumonia.

By Richard Peake