When late nights and lecture filled days start to take their toll, it is easy to favour take-aways and ready meals over other healthy alternatives. It is a common misconception that eating healthy means spending a lot of money, when in reality it can be much cheaper – and better for you. These top tips will have you steering clear of processed convenience foods in no time.

Credit: Jeffery Ho
Credit: Jeffery Ho


Buy fresh produce from local farmers visit the Fruit & Veg stall on campus; not only is it much cheaper than supermarket bought veg, but you’ll also be supporting local agriculture.

Share meals with flatmates and friends cooking together can save loads of money, but it is also a great excuse to socialise!

NEVER go food shopping on an empty stomach or you’re bound to spend money on things you really don’t need.

Make a budget and a list before you go shopping and stick to it! This is key to frugal food shopping.

Freeze leftover meals for nights when you really haven’t got the time or energy to cook.

By Eleanor Potter