Nearly 30 per cent of people from the UK would chose going on a luxury trip over their lovers. // Credit: Sailstead (Tumblr)
Nearly 30 per cent of people from the UK would chose going on a luxury trip over their lovers. // Credit: Sailstead (Tumblr)

Studies conducted by Sunshine Travel Agency reveal that 1 in 4 people would leave their significant other to cruise around the world.

Would you abandon your relationship if it meant you could take a free cruise around the world? Studies conducted have shown that 26% of Brits would be willing to leave a long term partner if it meant they could enjoy a luxury trip! I compared this to thoughts by UWE students to see if there is a price on love!

‘I think my partner would understand this is a once in a lifetime opportunity’ commented one student, ‘imagine the life experience you would get!’ Many of us dream about travelling the world. If you had that wish granted, but chose to give it up, maybe that would be crazier than leaving a partner!

Another student said; ‘If I’m going to see the world I want my partner by my side.’ Would you really want to see the world, and all the great beauty it has to offer, if you were alone? You can save money and fund your own cruise, sharing it with the person you love. Of course, for us students this isn’t a short term solution – it would take years, but is it worth it?

Perhaps sacrificing a relationship at our age isn’t an extreme enough motivator. What if you were asked to sacrifice internet access for the rest of your life? No more Instagram or YouTube. Would you still choose to see the world if it meant you would be forever cut off from it? Perhaps unsurprisingly, less people said they would give up internet in comparison to their partner, only a mere 16%!

What is more important: love of your life or a luxury trip around the world? // Credit: Disney Pictures


‘[Give up] Internet? For the rest of my life? Never! Who says a relationship would last forever anyways’ was a further student response. Perhaps the best way to look at this is your life-long priorities – you’ve seen the world and returned home, what do you do now? If you have no internet, it’d be boring, you’d become even more isolated when you can’t contact family on FaceTime, or Snapchat you’re every move to your mates.

So, whilst The Knack famously sang you ‘Can’t Put a Price on Love’, maybe we can, and have, without even realising it. Would you choose the free cruise around the world, and walk away from love? Would you rather give up the Internet forever more? Or is your partner worth more than any trip?

Whether you would answer yes or no, it’s clear to see, life’s not so clear cut when you’re cruising for love!

By Jerica Bray