Why Jeremy Corbyn can steal the student vote and win the 2020 election.

eremy Corbyn won Labour Party leadership in a landslide victory last month. Image by Wikimedia Commons.
Jeremy Corbyn won Labour Party leadership in a landslide victory last month. Image by Wikimedia Commons.

Who wouldn’t want to jump on the bandwagon of Corbynmania? Well, apart from

the self-satisfied toffs in the highest tower of the capitalist kingdom and the blinkered middle-

class wannabes who work seventy-hour weeks at the Church of Commerce in an attempt to

catch the perpetual carrot they call success.


Besides, who could argue with these policies? Never mind how he’s going to pay for it all,

let’s not analyse this too much. We’ve had enough. We bowed in honour as the millstone of

student debt was placed over our shoulders and enslaved us to the establishment for

eternity. Now there’s been an overpowering smell of coffee.


The right-wing simpletons are squealing with delight at the naivety of the “loony-left” for

voting Corbyn in as their leader. As we know, some of them are so cocksure that Corbyn is

the kiss of death for Labour they even voted for him themselves.

The ones with their heads screwed on a little tighter are now feeling somewhat sweaty,

spreading hate-fuelled accusations against Corbyn across the media in a bid to turn the

frenzied socialists against him. Why? Well, because there are an awful lot of ordinary people

in this country and money talks- or in this instance, a lack of it.


So what about students? Students have had a reputation for lying with the left for decades,

searching for that idealistic rainbow which will lead them to the promised pot of gold. Is it any

wonder? New Labour’s three top priories being education, education and education was

swiftly followed by an introduction of fees that slammed down the hatches on the very people

they proposed to help educate. In 1997 the Tories began laughing into their sleeves as Blair

took over the wheel of Thatcher’s vision.


Corbyn, if successful in 2020, might not take the country on such a great leap ‘forward’ in

quite the same fashion- but when forwards takes this country further towards greed, poverty

and ever-widening inequality it’s no surprise people want to see a very swift change of

Many of today’s students have never known it any different. All we know is that we’re skint,

will probably never own a home, and we’re living off aspirations from a carton. The entire

system that the Eton school boys and their chubby-cheeked chums from The City have

cultivated is leaving us running on a never-ending treadmill. And from where I’m standing,

the people in front of me don’t look too happy either.

Lower and middle-income voters want change. They no longer desire to be a cog in a

system where success is measured by gross domestic product alone. They don’t care that

Labour’s Blairite MPs might not like it. They don’t care that printing money has never really

worked before. They don’t care if the rich up sticks and leave and take their money out of the

country. They’re not afraid of working for no reward. They’re not afraid of threats to security.

They’re not afraid if factories fall idle and the NHS begins to crumble because they’ve

already seen that happen in the last two decades.


What he stands for:

Ending austerity

Cracking down on tax evasion

Higher taxes for the rich

Raising the living wage

Increasing workers’ rights

Blocking welfare cuts

Introduction of a maximum wage

Quantitative easing for housing, energy, and transport projects

NHS buyback and free healthcare for all

Scrapping of tuition fees

Reintroduction of education grants

Rent controls

Reduction in military spending

Cutting free from NATO war policies

Scrapping of Trident nuclear missile system

Renationalisation of railways

Putting a halt on fracking

Enhancing womens’ rights