All UWE undergraduate students received £15 printing credit and all arts students a further £75 for materials. That equals £1.5 million going back to the students over a period of 3 years.

£1.5 million go back to students’ pockets
Each undergraduate student will receive £15 as a printing credit // Credit: Rosy Webb

This pleasant surprise came as a result of the Hidden Cost campaign run by the SU and SU President Charlie Roper. The campaign tackled the problem that many students experience; far too high additional costs for their courses. Expenses vary from course to course, but often include printing, field trips, and uniforms. The problem is even worse for arts students who often have to buy expensive materials for their everyday tasks on the course.

According to the online calculator that ran as part of the campaign, students spent a total £103,418.71 on additional course costs. The lobbying from the SU was supported by feedback from programme leaders.

Conversations are still going on and we might see more results from students’ feedback.

By Yuliya Kosharevska