UWE Board Game Society are welcoming new members come along to their first session which takes place on Monday.

boardgameThough their ‘watch it, try it, do it’ event was a success and fun was had by all, Vice President Josh Cohen wishes to invite anyone who missed out to ‘just turn up’, and try it out on the day.

The society is designed to provide a fun way for members to get together and relax as well as learning new skills and board-gaming strategies.

Josh set up the society after the club formed unofficially and became popular. Josh laughs, “before it was an official society it was a club named ‘Josh’s board gaming group'”.

“As well as playing games, what we’ve always hoped to achieve is a good community of friends who can talk to each other and share interests at the same time.”

However, it’s not just about playing board games and chilling out with friends. There are plans for a joint social event in the next couple of weeks at either ‘The Lanes’ in Bristol or ‘Vodka Rev’s’, to kick-start the year.

There are also trips to be enjoyed. Last year the group visited a well-renowned ‘Board Game Cafe’ in Oxford. “Although we only founded last year, I made it my mission to get us there, it’s a great place which we managed to take a fair amount of members to all of which thoroughly enjoyed it.” says Josh.

Don’t fear though, the society don’t take their gaming too seriously, as Josh adds, “The strangest game I’ve ever played would probably be Battlestar galactica with us ending up really enjoying the game regardless that we had played it wrong from the start”.

Board Games Society meet every week on Mondays at 5.00pm in 4B021 on Frenchay Campus. All changes are posted to the Facebook group, which can be joined by clicking the link below.