WesternEye’s James Riley (Science Editor) and Kaytie Mcfadden (Assistant Editor) will be going sober…for a whole month! James explains why…

It is a sad and daunting fact that one in three of us will suffer from cancer during our lifetimes. Even though our understanding of this internal enemy has greatly developed over the last few decades, dealing with the consequences of cancer is still one of the most trying experiences one can deal with. Thinking about cancer, and cancer suffers, isn’t exactly a fun activity; it is easy to put upsetting thoughts to the back of your mind and forget that such sorrows exist, but sometimes acknowledging the darker sides of life can be the impetus needed to make a positive change in the world.

In my last three articles I have explored alcohol and its effects, a lot of which seem quite negative. But, this month, we can harness this supposed negativity of alcohol and convert it into a positive cause. Macmillan Cancer Support is running an abstinence campaign this month, called Go Sober for October. The idea is simple: don’t drink, for a whole month! And by collecting donations from those who genuinely wish they could attend this mammoth month of purgatory, but successfully submitted an extenuating circumstance form, a substantial amount of money can be raised.

Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the UK’s biggest charities. Aside from funding nurses and healthcare specialists for individual patients, macmillan acknowledges the emotional strain which cancer can put on a family or a community, and fund a range of cancer support centres. Aside from direct support to patients and their families, Macmillan produces a wealth of information about cancer: from prevalence statistics to scientific research published in peer-reviewed journals. Research kills cancer, it’s a fact.

As much as I love alcohol – the look, the taste, the smell, the fizzing and bubbling, that little hug it gives you every time you are kind enough to welcome it into your house, the pop of a new bottle, and the glug glug glugging of a cold beverage – I think, for the sake of my body and mind, it is time to say goodbye, at least for now. It’s only a month, right? Surely alcohol will miss me much more than I will miss it? Anyway, the personal benefits pale into insignificance when compared to the big picture. By donating, even the smallest of amounts, we can all make a big difference to those who are suffering from cancer. One day, we all might need to call on others for the same kind of help.

If you want to sign up for Go Sober for October follow the link below:


If you dare not walk that path but still would like to help to cause, feel free to donate to our efforts: