When: Saturday, November 12th 2016

Where: Ashton Court Park, Bristol, BS41 9JN

Time: Race begins at 10am

What: Run, have fun and raise money for men’s health. The eighth annual 5k and 10k MoRuns are completed while rocking moustaches and fancy dress to raise funds and awareness for the Movember Foundation.

MoRunning takes place in 17 different locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and this year is returning to Bristol. MoRunning is essentially a fun run and therefore the main aim of the day is to have FUN!

Dave Krangel, Founder of MoRunning, said: “To be a MoRunner means you are part of something bigger than yourself, you’re part of a community, a family and a team. We encourage all of our participants to have fun during their run because that’s what we’re all about; dressing up, enjoying yourself and crossing the finishing line with a smile. We even have prizes for the best dressed MoRunner.”

Here’s our top tips for making the day as enjoyable as possible:-

Remember why you’re doing it

The main aim of the fun run is to raise as much money as possible for the chosen charity! MoRunning encourage their runners to raise funds for ‘Movember Foundation’ with the view to raise maximum awareness for men’s health. So pick your charity or chose Movember and begin asking family and friends for sponsorship (and don’t worry if you can’t raise much money, raising awareness is equally as important.)


Whilst it is for fun it is also a run and therefore being prepared to run 5 or 10k will ensure that you’re not close to dying the whole way round –which will definitely take away the fun aspect. Don’t forget running doesn’t always mean on your own on a treadmill, grab your friends and all go together, you can even grab a coffee after as a reward – or a pint?

Fancy Dress

GO WILD. The weirder the more wonderful. Get your brightest colours, wackiest costumes and throw on a fake moustache for luck. This the funniest part of the day so with your friends choose your theme and go big, and remember those in the best costumes win a prize!

Take your time

The whole idea of the day is to have fun and not worry about coming first in the race (although if you want someone has to) but take your time around the course, check out all the other costumes and run, jog or walk your way around to the finish line.

Hydration is key

DRINK DRINK DRINK – water not alcohol. Make sure you look after yourself and drink lots both during and after the race to top up any water lost through sweat. The event will have a team of people to get going on the warm up so join in to have fun and avoid injuries.

And finally…. It’s a FUN run. So have FUN

Keep smiling the whole way round the course and enjoy yourselves.


For more information and tickets, please visit Megan Lay