Imagine leaving your lectures to hop on the bus and go skydiving every weekend. At UWE, this is perfectly possible. Skydive UWE offers numerous first jump courses for new members.

Credit: Fraser Corsan aka Verticalflyerimages

For the more experienced skydivers, they offer coached jumps to help you progress in your disciplines. There are also free parachute packing lessons available every other week for any level of jumpers.

Michael Briggs, club president says, “we offer several first jumps courses at our local drop-zone (skydiveUK) which is located in Devon. We tend to make a whole weekend of it; driving on the Friday night, eating at the pub then a few drinks around the fire pit.”

He also adds, “Students can expect to do 2 or 3 jumps on their first day if the weather is good”

If you’re still a little anxious, be comforted, as Michael reassures us “There is certain amount risk associated with the sport. However, it is no way near as great as assumed. It is a comparable risk to taking a long journey on a motorway, and is statistically safer than skiing!

Once you are qualified, and have decided you can’t get enough of the sport, you don’t have to wait for briefings or for student gear. Michael says, “Six jumps a day is not unreasonable. Our club has 5 rigs for use exclusively by qualified skydivers”

uwe_ sky_dive_Michael_Briggs
Credit: Fraser Corsan aka Verticalflyerimages

If you’re interested, beginners’ courses are affordable, and there is no long term commitment if you decide you don’t like it- but we bet you’ll be hooked.

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By Belinda George