Every year, thousands of students converge in Telford, Shropshire, for a colourful celebration of cheerleading in the UK – the BCA University Nationals. It’s the goal and highlight of any club’s year to put their high-flying stunts and routines into practice. But for a while, the UWE Comets thought they weren’t going to be able to afford to compete this year. Faced with hefty budget cuts to the Students’ Union, the Comets turned to a young crowdfunding platform – Sponsorcraft – through which they ran a successful fundraising campaign, raising over £500 in a little over two weeks.

And it’s a good job that they did. Not only did they have a fantastic time performing at the University Nationals, but they came home with a heap of silverware to boot.

“We performed really well,” says club Treasurer Alexandra Atherton. “We came third in both the highly competitive level one and three categories and won first place in level four. Also, our group stunt performances gained two second.

“Thanks to Sponsorcraft, we came home with seven trophies!” Not bad for a club who were contemplating withdrawal from the competition a mere month beforehand.

Whilst the club is not alien to different types of fundraising, it was their first experience of web-based campaigns. And the positive experience seems to have turned Alexandra into a keen advocate for crowdfunding.

“Crowdfunding is a great way to fundraise as it not only promotes your project or club online, but allows sponsors from anywhere to donate to your project. Additionally, Sponsorcraft’s reward scheme sets it apart from its competitors as it incentivises the whole process.”

Alexandra is now recommending more students and their societies make the most of Sponsorcraft’s website and support.

“Using the Sponsorcraft website was easy and we received a lot of support from their team,” says Alexandra. “I would highly recommend using Sponsorcraft if your club needs to raise money for a project as the process was seamless and can really make a difference.”

Sponsorcraft was built to help students with ideas and ambition find money. For those interested in starting a project or checking out some of those already that are already in place, simply go to www.sponsorcraft.com.

Julian May