This isn’t strictly true. I spend the bare minimum amount of time studying so that I can pass my first year, and the Internet takes up the rest.

I wouldn’t say that I’m an especially lazy student but the allure of the internet is constantly there and it has so much to offer; I often think about my parents generation and how it must have been so much easier with the lack of distraction and the need for actual human contact as opposed to the digitized cloud of content that we now have to keep us company. But surely you say, the Internet is our friend!

The internet is our friend, however, as a friend it puts enormous demands on one’s time, especially if you’re me and have tried in the past to secure some sort of online presence, if you’re familiar with WordPress or YouTube you’ll know what I mean, the constant vain temptation to check the day’s stats is ever present, even if those stats are dismal. But is this necessarily a bad thing? I know we’re all supposedly here to be doing degrees but I find that you can get quite a good education on the internet; you don’t get all the detail obviously; but you can get quite a good overview of a wide range of material in quite a short amount of time, and it’s full of resources for learning.

But then there’s the ever present temptation of social media, to check your Facebook once again just to make sure that there have been no developments, that nobody’s messaged you or that that comment you made in some group has received as many likes as you like to expect, or if you’ve managed to get another follower on Twitter. It makes for a strangely petty form of existence. Yet this internet is still beneficial, professionally and socially.

By Sam Cottle