In October, Watershed, an independent cinema found along the harbour side in Bristol, will be screening four fantastic science fiction films at 11pm on Friday evenings, seeking to explore the discomfort people feel with technology infiltrating their lives.

Throughout October, Watershed will be holding special late night screenings of new and classic science fiction films to celebrate the world’s most popular genre

In an average five minute period, students are probably using at least as many technological devices. You check your phone, you look up a journal on your laptop (or you check your newsfeed…), you channel surf on your TV, you shuffle through your iPod, and you forsake real cooking by just microwaving some noodles. There might even be more. Four films being shown at Watershed in Bristol seek to explore the relationship between us and the technology that is gradually being introduced into every aspect of our lives, but on a more surreal level than these mundane every day functions.

Moon (4th October), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (10th October), Under the Skin (17th October), and The Fly (24th October) make up a great variety of old and new, overt and subtle sci-fi themed films, and promise a thought provoking exploration of these themes, supported by immersive installations in the cinema itself to maximise participation with the event.

The British Film Institute currently has a season called ‘Sci Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder’ celebrating the world’s most popular film genre, and Watershed’s portion of this is entitled ‘Future Is Now’. At 11pm on four weekend evenings throughout October, full time students will be able to pay £4 to see one of the four films and enjoy some of the themed surprise goodies which make the evening an experience. As usual with Watershed, meals and drinks from the bar can be taken into the screens, making it a unique cinema experience not to be missed.

By Sophie Evans