For three Tuesday’s in February, the Students’ Union at UWE joined the student accommodation service, University Cribs, to bring us a student’s best friend, puppies! On the 7th, they came to French campus. Amongst all the stresses that come from deadlines at this time of year, what else could be better than a bit of puppy love to take your mind off them?

The event itself was in aid of Mind, a charity that helps those who experience mental health problems by giving them useful support and advice. They aim to improve provided mental health services, raise awareness of the challenges that affect many of us and promote the understanding of these issues. Collection buckets and cupcakes were being sold at the occasion to raise money for the charity, which also acknowledges the periods of mental stress that many of us may encounter during our studies.

Students that were lucky enough to secure a spot during the petting afternoon got to have a quick cuddle with their furry friends, filling the room with a stream of “aww’s” at their adorable actions.

Fortunately enough for those that were not able to go to the highly anticipated and demanded puppy room, there are more chances to visit them at UWE campuses. On Tuesday 14th February they will be embarking on Glenside campus, of which you can register for here: The cute little puppies will also be going to Bower Ashton on the following Tuesday of this month, the 21st. So, if you fancy yourself the sweetest of distractions from your studies, do not miss your chance to register.

By Hannah Sampson