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Following the UN Paris agreement on climate change, the University of the West of England respond and commits to the plan that was introduced on 4 November 2016. UWE celebrates the coming of all nations to face the issue of climate change and to decrease its effects.

This agreement requires all Parties to tackle many environmental issues, including reducing global temperature by below two degrees celsius and for countries to report mitigation levels. In reaction, the University wants to assist in working for a sustainable low carbon future with an array of plans and targets, highlighting the global Sustainable Development Goals coming into place.

The UWE Sustainability Board, chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, are leading and monitoring the Sustainability Plan that is to be implemented. Additionally, there will be an annual Sustainability Report that will be made by the Board and will be presented to the Academic Board and the Board of Governors.

In the past, UWE Bristol has proven a large contribution towards decarbonisation with the creation of the production of the biggest solar array in UK Higher Education and by using 100% of their electricity from renewable sources.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability at UWE, Professor James Longhurst said: “There are many ways in which the University plays a part in contributing to sustainability goals and we will continue to expand our efforts in this area.”

By Aliesha Tucker