Yesterday was World Mental Health Day (WMHD). Siân Hampson, VP Community and Welfare, comments on yesterday’s events and how it is important that we keep raising awareness of students with mental health seeking help

“This years WMHD has been the biggest UWE has seen, with events across four campuses, well over £200 raised, 500+ green ribbons sold, and 100+ pledges to end mental health stigma, it has been fantastic.

We had many different societies involved from psychology to students living at home and it was amazing to see the Student’s Union tackling mental health stigma head on. This work is vital and important. Each conversation we have chips away at the elephant in the room that is mental health stigma. However, we need to do more.

Campaign days like this cannot be all we do as a University and Students’ Union. There is a growing crisis in student mental health, with more and more students having to access mental health support each year (c.20-25% yearly increase).

We need to make sure UWE are looking after their students welfare properly. It is essential that the wellbeing service is able to reach out to all the students that need it. We need out of hours support available for our students, so when the normal office hours are over there is someone for our students to turn to.

I am determined that we should continue our stigma busting work, but this must not be the end of what we do. Awareness raising and stigma busting is important, and mental health support is vital.”

*To get involved in The Mental Health Campaign at UWE like the page and become a member here:*