St Peter’s Brewery is older than many of its ‘craft beer’ competitors but may have developed a product for the future

With abstinence from alcohol on the rise amongst young people in the UK, and rural pubs facing lower consumption due to toughening drink-driving laws, St Peter’s Brewery may have provided a timely solution for landlords.

The result of the brewery’s hard work is Without® Alcohol-Free Beer which, according to their CEO Steve Magnall, is “comparable to a normal pint,” and may attract those who have found that abstinence has all but condemned them to ginger beer, cola and fruit juice when socialising.

The Suffolk-based brewery, opened in 1996, spent three years developing the new beer, aiming to produce a more full-bodied and high-quality beer than is currently offered in the alcohol-free sector. Mr Magnall says that he believes that consumers of alcohol-free beers are likely to encounter, “dealcoholised lagers,” which he describes as often being less than full-bodied.

The new alcohol-free beer is available nationwide in pubs and supermarkets, both on draft and bottled. Having launched the beer in August, St Peter’s Brewery have already secured orders in over 15 countries in North America, Central America and Europe with their latest offering, which is targeted at the low and alcohol-free market.


By Duncan Chisholm