Mobile phone apps offer safety options to alert friends and family of an emergency.

Walking home alone at night can be a bit frightening for all of us – especially when you’ve just arrived in a new place and haven’t met anyone yet. With that in mind, new safety apps are being launched every day to assist those in case of an emergency, or sometimes just to notify your friends and family you have arrived home safely. We have tried and selected a few of those for you to download and try it yourself – and maybe let us know your thoughts once you have!


[Image 1 - Safetipin] Safety at the touch of a button
Safety at the touch of a button. // Credit: Marcela Usmari Moraes

The app provides you with information on your neighborhood and            allows you to compare its safety with that of other areas, as well as              giving you the option to edit information and report any incidents.

You can also be tracked, track your friends and family to know they are    safe, it gives information on nearby safe places and offers directions to      easily reach your destination. It is very straightforward and simple to        use.

Available for iOS and Android.


[Image 2 - Aspire] Safety at the touch of a button
Aspire – preventing domestic violence with three taps on your smartphone screen. // Credit: Marcela Usmari Moraes


Probably one of the most informative of the three, Aspire is a newsstand with “hidden” safety features. You can choose the news source you’d like to see when you open the app, which ranges from Huffington Post to CBS News. The Help feature on the menu, however, will offer you information on domestic violence and how to get help, and you can add trusted contacts to your list.

In case of an emergency, you can simply tap the top of your screen three times and the app will notify each of your trusted contacts. In addition, the app offers a “Get educated” section where you can learn more about domestic violence and how to report it. Available for iOS and Android.


[Image 3 - Bsafe] Safety at the touch of a button
Bsafe is a must-have for you and your guardian angel. // Credit: Marcela Usmari Moraes


Bsafe has more features than you’d expect when you download the app. It allows you to add trusted contacts (named ‘Guardians’), and gives you the option to have someone walk you home from their phone in case you feel unsafe. It will also alert you friends and family of an emergency, and in the event you are late home relative to the time you’ve set on the app it will notify them of your absence; it will also alert them as soon as you arrive home safely.

The app can show you nearby guardians and will give you the option to activate a siren which could deter potential threats, and begins to record a video as soon as the siren is active. Available for iOS and Android.


Whether you are going out alone or with your friends, it is always good to be safety conscious. Don’t forget to add emergency services numbers to your contacts – you never know when you’ll need them.

By Marcela Usmari Moraes