It’s the time of year where innovative minds and science enthusiasts alike come together to shed some light on the groundbreaking discoveries occurring in our city.

Plasma Ball



Bristol Bright Night is back for its second year, and it promises to be even more dazzling than ever.

The thrilling event came about as part of the prestigious annual Europe-wide Researcher’s Night Programme, which sees over 300 cities run events simultaneously across 24 countries.


The event is intended to bring the cutting edge research from both of the city’s universities and the Bristol Natural History Consortium onto a more personal level, through fun interactive activities for all ages to experiment with.


A digital artwork with audience participation based on Da Vinci’s famous ‘The Last Supper’ is present to test the spiritual possibilities of the dinner table and cross-cultural and religious boundaries.


A fantastic show of a concoction of DNA cocktails is sure to delight and excite visitors, whilst a thrilling 3D augmented reality display of digital music performance is to take place in order to improve one’s understanding of electronic musicians’ engagement.

Many more activities are planned to capture the eyes of visitors to the fantastic evening, with more information available on the Bristol Natural History Consortium website page, where a full programme and other exciting events can be found.


The event is taking place on the 25th September with activities occurring from 11:30AM to 10:00PM at various venues along the Harbourside from At Bristol to The Watershed. And the final icing to this delightful cake? IT’S ALL TOTALLY AMAZINGLY FREE.


So circle that date on your calendars, and go along for an eye-opening, mind-blowing, life-shattering day of scientific discovery that will change the way you observe the world. Who knows what the newly enlightened minds of Bristol may achieve?

By Charlotte Penketh-King