UWE Enactus, a student society dedicated to creating locally based projects for the benefit of those in need, has been recently shortlisted for Enactus UK National Competition after competing with 59 other teams.

Credit: UWE Enactus
Credit: UWE Enactus

The Enactus UK National Competition allows Enactus teams across the UK to showcase their projects in front of other students, business advisors and potential employers. The two day event will have multiple knock out rounds whereby teams will be slowly narrowed down to the final five. In the end, a winner will be chosen to go to the World Cup in South Africa.

Gregory Day, President of Enactus UWE said, “We are really excited about the opportunity to showcase our fantastic projects and what we have accomplished this year as a team. Everyone in the team is on such a high and inspired to crack on with the projects. We are also really excited to see what other teams have achieved this year and of course are looking forward to the after party!”

Gregory has been a part of Enactus since 2011 and is working towards making a positive change in the community with his team.

He said, “Enactus enabled me to successfully find and apply for a placement, as it gave me a competitive advantage in the interview with the amount of experience and stories I had of situations where I had applied certain skills such as leadership, communication, etc. Over the next few years we are looking to grow our family to a team of over 70 active members, coming from different background subjects, life experiences and cultures.”

UWE Enactus hopes to increase awareness about their society and the opportunities they provide for others as well as their members with the competition. UWE students interested in being a part of the society can contact them here.

By Aditi Verma