A new website, founded by UWE and Bath University graduates, aims to boost community spirit in the city by encouraging everyone to help each other out. 

Credit: Richard Peake
Credit: Richard Peake

Helpfulpeeps is a new social experiment that offers users the ability to swap services and favours instead of paying for things with cash. The project, which has been in development for 5 months, aims to attract users who may be “time rich but cash poor”.

The pilot scheme, launched in Bristol in February, sees a service similar to Gumtree however monetary payments are non-existent. Instead, after your request for a something is fulfilled, you write a review about the person who helped you.

Saf Nazeer and Simon Hills are the people behind the project. With an investment from tech incubator, WebStart Bristol, the project is just getting off the ground with the pair aiming for it to become a global network.

Saf said: “It’s a win-win, whether you’re asking for stuff or whether you’re helping, because both parties walk away from the interaction with a sense of wellbeing and connectedness and hopefully a new friend.”

You can sign up to the site for free here.

By Richard Peake