Staff and students left their thoughts on mental health // Credit: UWEMHC
Staff and students left their thoughts on mental health // Credit: UWEMHC

UWESU’s Mental Health Campaign organised an event as part of the nation-wide Time To Talk Day. The idea is simple: every 5th of February stop whatever you’re doing and have a simple conversation on mental health for up to five minutes.

Will Anderson, community and welfare officer at UWESU, explains more about the event: “Time to Talk Day is organised by the national charity Time to Change, it’s a whole day dedicated to talking openly about mental health. At the Mental Health Campaign we really want to encourage people to openly talk about mental health to break down the stigma that surrounds it.”

Throughout the course of the day many had the chance to write whatever they felt on the issue and pose for a picture with their message. The result: short comments, but with big strong meanings. “Know that it’s okay to ask for help” or “it’s time to talk, it’s time to change” and many others were written by both students and staff.

Will is pleased by the outcome, saying that: “the event went really well, we spoke to over 100 people in person and on social media we reached around 5,000 people. After the event we were also able to run a training session for Students and staff on supporting young people’s mental health.”

If a time comes when you feel down, don’t be afraid to contact UWE’s Wellbeing service. They will provide you with counselling and support. You can visit their website here or by calling 0117 32 86268.

By Kaloyan Ivanov