WesternEye asked you who do you think changed UWE in 2014.  Here are the people that you nominated.

Will Anderson

Will is the UWESU Community & Welfare Officer and the President of the UWESU Mental Health Campaign. Apart from fighting the stigma related to mental health with the members of the MHC, he succeeded in getting one of the Bristol Bus Boycott founding members to talk at the Live Music Society’s Love Music Hate Racism event.

Blake Seers

Blake Seers is the elected Bower Ashton campus officer. He is ensuring that Bower students are not forgotten. So far he succeeded in making one of the biggest wishes of the 2 000 Bower students come true – a cashpoint on site.

Ali Maxwell

Ali is the Media and Communications Officer on the Societies Committee. He is ensuring that the SU remembers the student media and its unique position. He is also the president of the Live Music society that organises various interesting events including Love Music Hate Racism and the fundraising Oxjam@UWE.

Daniel Minty

Daniel Minty is the UWESU Media Personality of the year and is energetically changing broadcast around UWE.

He was running Hub Radio in 2013/2014 and traveled to 19 different student radio stations across the country to get parts of his hair cut for charity. But the pain was rewarding – he raised £900.

Molly Rose  

“Molly Rose led the efforts to successfully restore UWE’s feminist society, which promotes student voices and discussion. She’s continuing to support these goals with the society’s meetings on both Frenchay and Bower Ashton campuses which provide welcoming conversation spaces on issues of gender and discrimination,” the person who nominated her says.

Liam Ord

As team President, Liam spearheaded the biggest recruitment drive in the history of UWE Ultimate Frisbee.  Liam, or Daisy as he’s affectionately named within the squad, is a prime example of encouragement and team spirit. He fronted the recruitment team at the beginning of the year and continues to be an instrumental part of the team both on and off the pitch.

Charlie Roper

Charlie is the elected full-time President of the SU for the second year and over this period he achieved a lot supported by his team.

Part of what he did was to run a campaign to improve the bus service in Bristol. All undergraduate students got a £15 printing credit and all arts undergraduate students received further £75 for materials, following the Hidden Cost campaign he organised.

2015 is the year of the general elections and Charlie is already focusing on encouraging more students to vote.

Interestingly, Charlie is the only nominated person who gets paid to be a changemaker. If you want to have his job and work constantly for the improvement of the student life at UWE, make sure you stand for the upcoming SU elections.


We are sure that there are a lot of other people here who daily change not only UWE, but the whole world. If you know any of them, email us their stories. Actually, we are quite sure that you change the world around you every day, because with every small action we take, we leave a trace.

By Yuliya Kosharevska