Finding affordable and well-maintained accommodation can be a real challenge. Where should you look for a house? What letting agency is the most trustworthy? How does the tax system work?

Credit: UWESU
Credit: UWESU

A website called ‘Property Portal’ will help you find some of those answers, as part of the ‘Don’t Rent Yet’ campaign. The ‘Property Portal’ assists young people who have made hasty decisions and now want to get rid of their tenancy agreements due to their financial situation, dropping out of university, disharmony between housemates and other possible reasons.

“Students can list their vacant room on the website in hope to replace their tenancy with another student. It is great because the Property Portal works in reverse as students looking for a place to stay can look for vacant rooms on the site rather than rummaging all over the Internet. The invention is especially vital if a student has pulled out of a house share leaving their flatmates to cover the rent,“ Scarlett Oliver, the VP Community and Welfare, says.

Your accommodation hunting might get easier with another website – ‘Housing Hub’. “It brings everything housing-related to one place rather than it being scattered across the Internet. You can check out the latest campaigns, information on landlords and student lettings,“ she adds. And all of this can be done with only one click of a mouse.

By Auguste Chocianaite