A talk on ‘going global’ was held at Frenchay to kick off the One World Fiesta week, which highlighted the benefits and procedures of octagoninternational internships, volunteering, and studying abroad to the students who attended the event.

The talk was opened by Mr Hobson, Vice Chancellor of Taylor’s University Malaysia, who interacted with the students via video call.

“First thing you discover about being ‘international’ is that you discover something about yourself,” Mr Hobson told the students.

Having lived in many places including the USA and Australia, he also talked about the 10-year partnership between UWE and Taylor’s and how students are able to stand out in the job market if they have international experience.

A representative of the Erasmus programme at UWE provided details on the study abroad opportunities whereby students study a few weeks in Europe, America, or Asia. Erasmus grant is also offered to cover the costs of students going abroad.

Beccy Berryman, UWE global employment liaison coordinator, further spoke about the ways UWE promotes ‘going international’ such as language exchange, global PAL, cultural events, Go Global Bursary and more.

International volunteering opportunities were discussed by representatives from UWE Volunteering and Lattitude – an international youth development charity that has designed a 9-week global volunteering programme tailored for UWE students.

The last speaker was a representative from the UWE Student Enterprise team who shed light on how UWE helps students interested in self-employment through enterprise internships and competitions. After that, students were free to move around the different stalls to discuss the aspects of international study, work, and volunteering in detail.

Jordan Wallis, 2nd year Environmental science student who attended the event, said, “I felt the talk was based upon relevance and was mostly beneficial. The structure was posted beforehand so I know what I was coming to. I hope for more employer talks in the future.”

The event appeared to be quite informative and more details regarding the various international opportunities supported by UWE can be found on InfoHub.

By Aditi Verma