Credit: UWESU
Credit: UWESU

UWE’s Community and Welfare officer Will Anderson has launched a new student support survey. It gives you a chance to rate the services provided at the University of the West of England.

By anonymously expressing your opinion you get an opportunity to sign up for a focus group which will be kicking off in the beginning of 2015. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete the survey and become a change maker.

“The Student Support Survey is something that I am really passionate about and something I am really excited to see launched,” Will Anderson, a third year politics student, says. “The idea of the survey is to find out whether students are accessing the support available, if they are then it is about finding out what needs to be changed and lobbying the university to make those changes.”

The survey focuses on the quality of services such as the Health centre, the Wellbeing service, money advice and funds services, UWE Student Advisors and much more.

“After the survey we will be running some focus groups and a listening campaign on the results to give students a chance to speak out on what changes they would like to be made and how they see the services looking. All results will be kept anonymous and the only time people are asked for any contact information it is if they want to take part in the (optional) focus group,” he adds.

Will claims that it is of immense importance to fill out the survey as it would help the officers to apprehend what students are struggling with the most.

The inquiry closes on the 21st December which means that you still have time to speak up. Follow this link for the survey and join the Facebook event to keep up to date with any news.

By Auguste Chocianaite