Who were the people at UWE that made a difference in 2014?

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/FRacco

They might have gone an extra mile to lobby for a particular issue in your course or worked with the SU; they might have put a lot of effort into a society or network; or they might have done something small to help someone…

WE want to find and congratulate them for their good job!

Young people have been driving the change in the world for a long time now – think about all those different protests around the world organised by students and what they changed; many give their time to help people in need or work hard  to make something good for the community. And this is normal – we are young, energetic and full of dreams!

You can nominate the people that inspired you by sending a short email to news@westerneye.net Include the name of the person, course and year of study/graduation and a short paragraph about what did they do that made a difference!

You can nominate any student who studied or  worked at UWE in 2014.

The nominations close on the 1st of December and we will announce the winners later in the month.

Remember to use #UWEChangemakers on Facebook and twitter!