20th November is a date that should be highlighted in every serious student’s calendar. The Annual General Meeting which takes place in room 2B025 at Frenchay campus gives each one of you an opportunity to speak up. If you have any ideas on how to improve the running of our Students’ Union or if you just want to leave a footprint on UWE’s history, this is the place for you to be.

The AGM is a prime opportunity get your voice heard at UWE // Credit: UWESU
The AGM is a prime opportunity get your voice heard at UWE // Credit: UWESU

“The main purpose of the AGM is for students to come together as members of the SU and set policy for the forthcoming years, hold their elected officers to account as well as hear from all other aspects of the SU as an Organisation,” says JJ Clark, the VP Education at UWE.

Will Anderson, a third year politics student who spoke at the AGM last year, focused on banning Payday lenders on campus. “My experience was a good one and it was great to see my motion passed. It was scary getting up in front of everyone,” he says. “However, the issue I raised affected a friend of mine and I am passionate about making sure that students are not ripped off.”

What do other students know about this event? “I have never heard anything about it. I find it quite distressing as it seems like it is really important,” claims Creative Industries student Hannah McGeachy. Marius Brem, another undergraduate at Bower Ashton, on the other hand, knows what the purpose of the AGM is. “It’s a general meeting where the leaders of the SU present what they have done so far and what they are planning on doing.”

Motions have been decided and submissions are now closed. The list of motion titles have been confirmed as:

Funds and Bursaries for Students

Proposer: Will Anderson

Seconder: Peter Daw

Removal of Polyethylene Bags from SU Shops and Bars

Proposer: Tom Rowlands

Seconder: Peter Daw

Commitment to Sourcing Ethical and Fairtrade Products

Proposer: Tom Rowlands

Seconder: Peter Daw

Get the Vote Out

Proposer: Peter Daw

Seconder: Will Anderson

Disposable Plastic Cup Use at SU bars

Proposer: Sarah Sandbrook

Seconder: Peter Daw

LGBT Officer for Equality

Proposer: Louie Roberts

Seconder: Will Anderson

Creating a Bigger Campus Community: Allow Room Booking for Individuals’ Events

Proposer: Louie Roberts

Seconder: Sophie Evans

Mental Health Support at UWE

Proposer: William Anderson

Seconder: Siân Hampson

The Only Woe is Wessex

Proposer: Peter Daw

Seconder: Ali Maxwell

Blurred Lines?

Proposer: Joud Nassar

Seconder: Rory MacLean

Continue to Maintain the Integrity of Student Media

Proposer: Yuliya Kosharevska

Seconder: Matthew Ribbins

Christian Prayer Room

Proposer: Todd Gyamfi

Seconder: Nyasha Rudolph Mujeni

Partnering up with University in Gaza

Proposer: Sofina Begum-Pir

Seconder: Matt J Hollinshead

Every voice matters, so don’t miss a chance to vote and work towards a sustainable future for University of the West of England. Registration to attend the AGM starts at 6 pm, which is a half an hour before the meeting itself begins.

If you want a change, come, speak up and be heard.

For full descriptions of the motions and other information about the AGM please visit the AGM website

By Auguste Chocianaite