Ink Dot Prints, a local graphic arts distribution organisation, unveiled a collaborative mandala at an event on October 25, raising awareness of children’s charity, Kids Company.

18 local illustrators and designers volunteered their artistic abilities over the summer as part of a charity project in Bristol. They were each given a shape to fill with their design, which formed part of a mandala, inspired by Buddhism.

Designer Steven Dawson – founder of Ink Dot Prints – coordinated the project and revealed the large print to the crowd during a celebration at The Station.

The beautiful mandala in all its glory //Credit: Yee Poon
The beautiful mandala in all its glory //Credit: Yee Poon

He said: “The final piece has a chaotic, cluttered look to it but also has great balance with the symmetry and repetition of the patterns. I love the collision of the artistic styles. It’s a beautiful mash.”

The finished product is an A2 sized glossy print of a colourful, intricate mandala, showcasing the culmination of 18 artists’ unique styles. Hotdogs, pirates and animal-driven cars are just a few of the ideas realised by the artists.

All proceeds from the sales of the prints go towards Kids Company – a charity that provides support for deprived children in the UK.

Yee Poon, UWE Graphic Design student who is among the collaborators, said: “I heard about the project through Twitter. It sounded fun and as it was for charity it seemed like a good way to help out by doing something I enjoy.”

Yee took a fast food approach to her contribution, as the artists were given full freedom. “It’s pretty cool to think that creating an illustration of a hotdog and burger can change a person’s life,” she added.

Jo Morrell, representing the Bristol branch of the organisation, said: “We were thrilled to be the charity chosen by the Ink Dot Prints mandala project.  It is exciting to see the Bristol community reaching out to support our young people using their own creativity as inspiration.”

The print is available for purchase here


By Richard Peake