The UWE Student Union (UWESU) has recently launched an online Campus Connect Survey for Bower Ashton and Glenside students which gives them a chance to voice their opinion about the activities they want to see on campus.

The survey runs until 17 November and aims to investigate the expectations of students studying at Bower and Glenside regarding the facilities on campus. UWESU plans to analyse the feedback received and use it to provide and support the services requested by the students. It also aims to combat the problems these students face regarding their involvement in extracurricular activities.

Roisin Greenup, Vice President of Sports and Health, said, “It’s important to us that every student has the opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities, be that physical activity, joining clubs & societies, networks or course based events.” She added that the survey would help in understanding the situation and deciding if they can “increase provision”.


Bower and Glenside students have previously felt cut-off from the rest of the university // Credit: UWESU
Bower and Glenside students have previously felt cut-off from the rest of the university // Credit: UWESU

Feedback received in the past from National Student Survey and Student Experience Survey has suggested that Bower and Glenside students feel less involved with the UWESU activities or are less satisfied with them.

Kelly Yeung, second year Graphic Design student, said, “Most things being based on Frenchay deters me from joining societies. I would like to see more events on Bower.”

The Union hopes to change this outlook and encourage more activities by working alongside the University in planning redevelopment of both campuses. The survey response, supervised by Roisin Greenup and Hannah Khan, will be used to draft a plan of action.

Khan, Vice President Societies and Communications, said, “We want to ensure we are equipped with feedback from the students who study there now to ensure that student views are acknowledged and listened to throughout the process of re-developing the campus.”

The survey can be completed here.

By Aditi Verma