The third UWE Model United Nations finished on Sunday with a resolution being passed among the 25 participants. Organised by UWE Politics and International Relations Society (PAIRS) on Frenchay, the participants in the UN simulation discussed the topic of conditional sovereignty and human rights violations.

Credit: BenGe Photography
Credit: BenGe Photography

Kassandra Delibie, a Public Affairs Masters student from Sciences Po Bordeaux France, expressed her satisfaction with her visit to UWE: “I really liked coming here. The committee was small but nice and there was not much pressure.”

Not only the delegates were excited about the event – people interested in politics and international relations also followed #UWEMUN on twitter.

After an entire day of debates and discussions, a resolution was passed. It was initially proposed by the delegate of Pakistan and emphasised that sovereignty should remain unconditional except in severe human rights violations such as genocide and war crimes. According to UWEMUN, a UN Security council sub-committee should be formed to handle the situation locally before turning to international community.

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By Aditi Verma