Bristol’s very own TV channel Made in Bristol launched on the 8th of October and promises a range of programs for people in Bristol, particularly for their younger audience.


The TV station is part of the Made Television network that runs the “Made in” channels across the country and covers an audience of over 10 million people. The CEO of the network Jamie Conway said that he still doesn’t know how will Made in Bristol change the city. “It depends on whether you believe television should be a passive or an active medium. Do we sit there and reflect how change happens naturally or do we actually campaign? It’s up to the team in Bristol to decide that!”

A lot of the team members on both sides of the camera are actually UWE graduates. One of them is Tom Richell, who graduated this July. Thanks to his good journalistic preparation at UWE and various work experiences, he is one of the reporters that we’ll be seeing every day. “That’s probably one of the better ways to live life after UWE,” Tom says. “Made in Bristol is a city TV channel and is about the city of Bristol! You should expect quality local programming and 24 hours schedule.” Richell ensured us that if we have an idea for a programme, Made in Bristol might be the place to make it happen.

The Lord Mayor of Bristol Alastair Watson is confident that the station will succeed. “They will connect the community and I hope that they will also connect the student community.” The Made in Bristol team seems to be keen to cover politics from the city: “They are certainly going to look at the politics of Bristol, but I don’t know whether the council will be promoted or anything like that. It will be interesting to see,” the Mayor added.

The station will work in cooperation with South West News in trying build one of the strongest newsgathering communities in Bristol. The person responsible for managing this liaison is Liam Corcoran – a UWE graduate. He is looking forward to the challenges of his new position: “Made in Bristol is going for a younger audience, it’s trying to be much more livelier! I think there is a real problem with BBC Points West and ITV West Country, as they are aimed at older audiences and a large majority of the people are being excluded. Made in Bristol can bridge that gap.”

By Yuliya Kosharevska

The print version of this article says that there is a possibility of Harry Hill joining the team of  Made in Bristol. This information is not true and we apologise.