Run by the Students’ Union, the Love Glenside Campaign is aiming to instil a sense of community among the five thousand students who study on campus.

The new Starbucks is home of the Glenside coffee mornings // Credit: Daniel Thorpe
The new Starbucks is home of the Glenside coffee mornings // Credit: Daniel Thorpe

Priding itself on its willingness to listen to its students, the group has already managed to make noticeable changes at Glenside, most notably the introduction of the new Starbucks following productive discussions held with students. Further improvements to the campus include renovations to the toilets, garden as well as introducing a cashpoint.

The relationship between the students and Love Glenside Campaign is of paramount importance to the Students’ Union’s Vice-President of Education, JJ Clarke, who is keen on students getting involved.

“We’re looking for a more and more students to take part in the Campaign, as the more people we can get helping, the better it will be for everyone at Glenside.”

Frequent coffee mornings are popular events on campus, where students are invited for an informal chat with Students’ Union Officers about their life at Glenside, their studies or about anything else they want.

Regular term-time social Yoga sessions happen every Thursday to help de-stress those studying at Glenside. The Campaign focuses strongly on the well-being of students, as more serious mental health workshops have taken place due to the UWE Mental Health Campaign.

The group is in the process of improving library provisions  for all students as well as working out the best times to open the Starbucks, both of which would ideally be decided after discussions with students.

By Ryan Cronin