How to make friends, make a difference and improve your career prospects! It’s that time again when you  have the opportunity to take over our roles for the next academic year.

There are many different vacancies, the four main of which are: Editor, Assistant Editor, Online Editor and Assistant Online Editor. We will also be in need of a Finance Manager and Assistant, a Marketing Manager and Assistant, graphic designers, proof readers, contributors, and of course section editors and assistants for: News, Comment, Music and Entertainment, Science and Technology, Sports and Westworld. Section Editors are responsible for coming up with ideas for articles for the print issue, emailing contributors to organise who will write what, and ensuring that they get their articles in on time. Assistant Section Editors must support their Section Editors in this role, and also gather content for online.

We will be electing the four main roles at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held on Wednesday 19th February.

Please see below for more information on each of the roles to be elected at AGM:

A successful candidate for the Editor role will need to have good communication skills, as a close relationship with the other editors, advisors, graphic designers, columnists, contributors, the university and the Students’ Union (especially the five elected SU Presidents) is essential. You must be able to organise people, keep to deadlines (and ensure other people do too!) and make important decisions about the content of the newspaper. These decisions will be difficult to make, and at times you will face pressure from all sides about articles. It is very important that you make the decision which you believe to be best for the future of the newspaper and the students’ interest. The WesternEye exists to serve UWE Students, providing them with a source of news about both the University, the Students’ Union, and the wider Bristol area. Our independence is our greatest asset, and it must be protected at all times.

A successful Assistant Editor must coordinate and liaise with section editors in order to ensure that all of their content for the print issue is submitted in a timely manner, and help them with any issues. They manage communications between the editor and section editors, ensuring that information regarding deadlines and meetings are passed on to all involved. They also organise and manage a team of proofreaders to come along for proofreading sessions, where the articles for print are spelling and grammar checked before being sent to our graphic design team.

Our Online Editor ensures that the WesternEye website is up to date, communicating with section editors about articles for online. They work very closely with the Editor in helping to make important editorial decisions. An ideal candidate would have experience of using wordpress, and good knowledge of social media tools and of course – good knowledge of grammar and spelling, as they will be responsible for the proofreading of online articles.

The Assistant Online Editor is in charge of columnists, ensuring that their columns are submitted on time, and uploaded to the website. Other duties include assisting the Online Editor in general website maintenance, and promoting both the website and the individual articles using various social media.

If you feel like you can be part of this close knit team, can be dedicated to the role and the chance to improve your career prospects, please get in touch. Passion and dedication is far more important than experience so it is worth giving it a go.

Please contact for more details.