We all know that it is not always safe to drive the morning after a night out as there may still be alcohol in your system. But a UWE based study has revealed how being hungover impairs driving skills in just the same way that drink driving does, even if there is no alcohol left in your system. Dr Chris Alford, a psychology professor at UWE, led a study in to the effects that the morning after a night of heavy drinking can have of driving safety.

The only safe drink driving over the festive period
The only safe way to drive over the festive period

“Things like their speed of reaction was slowed down, their variability in the way they drive was more erratic when they had a hangover,” he said.”We also found that they’re making errors things like crossing the central lines, the lane markings in the road. So you could say their driving was as if they were over the legal limit of alcohol but of course they didn’t have that alcohol on board anymore.”

The study suggested that a hungover driver can be more dangerous behind the wheel than someone with a blood alcohol reading of 0.05. Dr Alford believes that although legal punishment for drink driving is important, education about drink driving would be better and this study will hopefully make people stop and think about their safety behind the wheel.