At this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Students’ Union the question will be put to students on whether we should have an International Students’ Officer on our elected Union Executive after the Community and Welfare Committee unanimously voted in favour of taking the proposal forward.

Why have an International Officer?

• The role would strengthen the voice of International students at UWE.
• The role would serve to act as a voice for those International students not currently involved in union activities.
• It would be a way for International and non-International students alike to learn more about different cultures in an increasingly globalised economy enhancing student global employability.
• As the role would be part-time (voluntary) there is little to no financial implications for introducing it.
• A large proportion of Students’ Unions in Higher Education in the U.K. already have this role or a similar version of it enhancing student representation.
• Nearly one third of our students have an International background, which is currently more than those involved in Sports, Societies and Networks combined.

Work the role would undertake:

  •  Representing International Students on the key issues that need to be taken forward and lobbying the university to make changes to strengthen the experience of the international community at UWE.
  •  Promoting the work of International Students at the institution.
  •  Helping to enhance the global employability of our students at the university, both International and non-International.
  •  Promoting the merits of study abroad and encouraging more opportunities to be available for UWE students.
  •  Promoting more positive integration between our different communities at UWE.
  • Supporting different Inter-cultural events taking place across our campuses.

This would bring huge benefits for our diverse range of communities at this institution, whether or not you are an International student, so we would love to hear from you, our student voice, on introducing this role to improve our work in student representation and strengthen the voice of students in directing the work we do for you.

The link to the survey can be found here:

Please get in touch with your Vice-President Community and Welfare, Tom Renhard, with any thoughts, queries or concerns at