Now before you start reading this, I should warn you this weeks column has very little to do with housemates. Rather it is going to be about the time of year which, other than Fresher’s Week, is most eagerly anticipated by students. And that is Reading Week.

Remember back to your school days and how much you looked forward to half term 3 times a year. Well as uni students we are graced with a Reading Week, if we’re lucky. This week is my Reading Week, so I have done what any self-respecting student would do and have gone crawling back home to my parents, for a week of home cooked meals, and a nice hot bath.

However if you don’t fancy spending all that money travelling home there are lots of other things to do. You could spend your time sorting out your room. Finally putting in those finishing touches to make it homely, get all your finances sorted out, and your paperwork organized. Even spend the week catching up on your uni work.

Or you could take full advantage of living in the best city in the UK, -according to the Telegraph- and visit Bristol’s many attractions. Maybe catch a performance at the Hippodrome, check out the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait exhibition at the M-Shed, admire the street art in Stokes Croft, or spend the day at Bristol Zoo.

Whatever you choose to do remember that not everyone you live with has the same Reading Week as you do. So if you decide to re-enact Freshers Week, try and be courteous to those you live with that have a 9am start. If you find that you do in fact have the same reading week as everyone else in your house then take the opportunity to do some more housemate bonding.


By Laura Howe