uwethrivetanzaniaA group of six UWE students, as a part of the Vice Chancellors Student Leadership Programme, have been enabled to develop a school in Morogoro, Tanzania. As a part of the voluntary programme students were allowed to create their own business venture, whether it be social or commercial. Within their chosen groups they then implement their business ideas and carry out the necessary stages to complete the projects; with the support and guidance of UWE staff.
Members of this group of students, who refer to their project as “Thrive Tanzania,” are travelling to the area to conduct a feasibility study. Their aim is to analyse the environment, with hopes to make their mission of improving the education in the area. With up to 350 pupils in one classroom, Azimio Primary School is extremely overcrowded, with majority of the children sitting on the dirty, bare, uncomfortable ground. Objectives to complete this mission include providing benches for the pupils to sit on, improve sanitation through more toilets, water tanks and toilet pits, and provide new classrooms.

Rytis Cikeliovas giving out pencils to children


The students are currently progressing fast with an organised tight-knit team, who are lucky enough to have a member from Morogoro, making communication with the headmaster (Gabriel Maembe) and other local authorities much easier. With 2229 pupils willing to start at 7am and finishing at 6pm to receive very basic education, these UWE students are doing everything they can to make everlasting changes to Azimio Primary School and an on-going partnership to further increase UWE’s already ex

tensive international network. Why not become a part of the action and join in with fundraising events to be announced soon? Follow us on Twitter @ThriveTanzania and see more photos at https://www.facebook.com/ThriveTanzania