By Liam Corcoran

A backlash has begun against the Spotted page for UWE after a message posted on the Facebook page took things a little too far.

The page, which began as a way of telling students you liked how you felt or of gaining the courage to tell people to “shut up”, has slowly changed from a place of simple jokes to a harsh environment which has made studying in the library a little too embarrassing for some.

Late on Monday evening, it posted a comment that said: “just saw the female equivalent to stephen hawkings roll around level 3 library, did anyone else cry inside laughing at themselves?”

The comment was met with backlash from others students, most claiming the page had finally gone too far, before the comment itself was deleted. However, a picture of the comment made it’s way to Twitter where the Spotted: UWE Library responded.

Spotted Comment

It said: “That tweet has now been deleted. I agree it is disgusting. Twitter is not run by the same person as Facebook and I honestly don’t know who it is.”

Twitter response

This deletion of the comment has come a bit late for some though, who after months of build up have finally taken action to have the site deleted.

Becky Day, a third year Journalism student at UWE, has set up her own counter page, Stopped: UWE Library, which is opposed to “the vile and disgusting nature of the dreadful Spotted: UWE Library!”

Becky said: “I think these Spotted pages need to be taken down because they promote attitudes which aren’t healthy for those who are studying at university. The library is an environment where people should be able to study in peace and not be scrutinised or feel degraded by fellow students. I’ve seen examples of sexism, racism and ableism on the Spotted page and it’s just not acceptable.

“Many think that it’s just ‘banter’ and it really isn’t – it’s detrimental to students health and well-being,” she added.

The Spotted pages have allowed students the opportunity to comment while remaining completely anonymous. But when comments like the one above are posted, it leaves both moderators on the end of the backlash for continuing to post comments, even when they cross a line.

Becky said: “The admin of the site is certainly to blame – it is clear that they do not monitor what is being posted and they do not care about students’ well-being.”

Having being launched under an hour ago, the Stopped: UWE Library page is already gaining mass support from students who feel they have been on the end of abuse. Will the page be able to bring an end to Spotted though?

“The page I set up to unite students together to oppose the page and to triumph in getting it taken down. I read this on the Guardian [which talks about] Spotted pages being closed down. Other universities have banned Spotted pages from being used in their libraries, or from using the university logo on the page. So it can be done,” said Becky.