By Malgorzata Jaworska

‘Bang’, ‘smash’ and ‘bomp’ are only few of the noises we could hear at the Cabot Circus on the Thursday of the 15th of November. Busy customers now had a chance of taking an unusual break between their destinations. A ‘Frustration Zone’ has been set up, helping them to relieve their anger caused by their disobedient computers.

Be Friends with your PC is a campaign that encourages people to think about the performance of their PC’s. We all know the minutes wasted waiting for our computers to start up or stop crashing and freezing. We all know the anger.

Gadget Expert, Suzi Perry, who officially launched the Frustration Zone, says: “There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow PC. We’ve all suffered from sluggish computers at one point or another – we’ve missed deadlines, lost work and been driven to despair by machines grinding to a painful halt.

“Although it can be frustrating, the key is to resist the urge to smash something as there are lots of simple and effective ways to get your tech back up to speed. If you can’t resist the rage, the Frustration Zone is the perfect place to vent that pent up fury.”

Leading up to the Frustration Zone, OnePoll has conducted a survey across the UK in order to find out about people’s relationships with their PC’s and laptops. Questions were posed to a thousand of adults and the results were lightly speaking, surprising.

Richard Clookd, a spokesperson for Be Friends with your PC revealed that “some people are able to make a cup of tea in the time it takes for their computer to start up.” Some other examples include that a slow PC is just as aggravating as an airline losing their luggage and as infuriating as finding fraudulent charges on a credit card. This effectively shows that the annoyance caused by PC’s letting us down has sky rocketed.

I visited the Frustration Zone myself. Two punching bags, boxer punch machine and few plates hanging around waiting to be smashed attracted quite a lot of people. Throughout the day young and old, women and men came and tried the equipment out.

I could not resist trying myself. The feeling was simply addictive. I have posed an open question to a bunch of Bristolians and some of them said: That it is just a bit of fun”, “It’s not connected to PC’s anyway, but anger management yes.” 

Lennos Sheedy, a security guard at the age of 23, commented further by saying: I think it is fun, but I think it promotes good and bad. I mean it’s about punching.” Opinions were varied, however I am sure of the fact that everyone had a bit of fun. Great pictures were taken; people could grab some stress relieving balls and win a brand-new Android tablet.