By Luke Caddel

The UWESU, Annual General Meeting is taking place on 22nd November in room 2B025 on Frenchay campus. The meeting is an opportunity for students to have a direct say on the direction of UWE Students’ Union, and as the sovereign body of UWESU, it can mandate the Students’ Union and the Elected Offices to follow its direction and develop policy for the Union.

All students in attendance will have a chance to read through the UWESU Annual Report to see how the Students’ Union has spent its funds last year. Last year the principal funding sources were the Block Grant from the University of £840,800 and the surplus generated from the Union’s trading activities with additional financial support from the introduction of Sports & Societies Passports, which raised £76,286.

The Elected Officers will let you know what they’ve done since then and there will be opportunity to ask questions in regards to the reports, which are all available to download now from the UWESU website. The Board of Trustees also submits a report so you will be able to see exactly what has been happening at your union since July 2012.

The Board of Trustees currently consists of five elected officer trustees, one student trustee and three external trustees. They will be asked to approve the addition of a new external trustee, James Clune during this year’s AGM. In the past year they have been responsible for the setting up of a trading subsidiary company (UWESU Services Limited); the formation of contracts of employment for the elected full time officers; recruiting new Student and External Trustees and appointing auditors. In addition they have also agreed to a budget for 2012/13 that took account of the decrease in University funding and reduced trading income.

Louise Goux-Wirth, has put forward a motion to demonstrate how the Paralympics have challenged the perceptions of participation in Sport, and how actively involved UWE were in London 2012, by welcoming the Kenyan Olympic and Paralympics Team. Ayan Cilmi aims to establish a ‘no platform’ policy to fight against racism at UWE, and Peter Beckwith-Wilson will outline how media representation of civil unrest, systematically demonises protesters and citizens as instigators of violence, without challenging or reporting fully on the role of the police.

Samuel Barnard will readdress a commitment to maintain the integrity of student media at UWE put forward at the AGM in 2011. The previous motion was put in place to help safeguard Western Eye’s position as an editorially independent publication, whereby the Students’ Union’s executives cannot censor or influence the editorial direction of the newspaper. It highlights that no executive representatives nor other individuals, be they elected or unelected, is to be allowed to use either their position and/or authority to censor or unduly influence the editorial decisions of student media at UWESU.

If you are interested in having a direct say towards the direction of UWE Students’ Union, this is your chance. For further information on the AGM and future events, visit the UWESU website ( You can also access all the available reports for the meeting in advance. If you would like to submit a motion please contact Olly Reid at

When: Thursday 22nd November 2012
Time: 17:30-23:00
Location: 2B025 – Frenchay