By Abigail Bowsher

There had been fears that the Bristol Zombie Walk might be cancelled this year. However, after negotiations with the ‘non-dead’ at Bristol City Council (who were apparently eager to see the walk continue), donations and funding from the Council and, of course, lots of hard work behind the scenes at the ‘Zombie HQ’, it was announced and quickly circulated via Facebook and word of mouth that Bristol Zombie Walk 2012 would be going ahead.

I think I speak for most of us when I say we were pleased to find that the much loved and extraordinary event would continue.

Arriving at the city centre late, after faffing around with zombie costumes and makeup, I joined the walk with many other staggering stragglers at St. James Barton Roundabout, better known as ‘The Bearpit’. We were greeted with loud inhuman groans and cries of ‘BRAAAINS’ from some distance and once under the tunnel, were met with a scene like something from a horror movie.

Some suited and booted, others deranged and headless, there were zombies everywhere! A lot of people had gone to extreme efforts to create their desired zombie look. It didn’t take long for the spectacle to suck us in, even my friend who is normally shy, quickly got into character and with our bloody heads drooping and feet dragging we let the crowd carry us forward. The masses marched through the city like mechanical robots.

The walk was rounded up at Castle Park where all ages gathered to enjoy the music and the unique atmosphere. Bizarre attempts were made to break the world record attempt for the most Bhangra dancing zombies at any one time. Music blasted from the bandstand which drew crowds of people together like zombies to the undead.

Bristol Zombie Walk 2013 was the perfect example of how one small idea can grow to become something quite special. Thousands of people united to march in the same direction and had a bloody gruesome time in the process.

All photos courtesy of Abigail Bowsher.