>No money and 36 hours: how far will you go?

Calling all UWE students! UWESU Raise and Give (RAG) can finally announce that Jailbreak has officially arrived on campus. Grab your back packs but leave your purses – you have 36 hours to break your chains and escape as far away as possible from UWE… with no money. Who will be the UWE student to get the furthest?
Jailbreak is unlike any other experience you’ll encounter whilst at university. It’s an opportunity to do something truly different and memorable, whilst raising money for a fantastic cause. Participants who will be taking part in the event will have to raise a minimum of £50 and all donations will be going towards Practical Action. Practical Action is an international development

charity that works together with some of the world’s poorest women, men and children, ‘helping to alleviate poverty in the developing world through the innovative use of technology’. So, hone your powers of persuasion, sharpen your sweet talk, prepare to improvise and expect the unexpected. You could be finding yourselves beneath tropical palms, amongst ancient Pyramids or in a hazy Amsterdam coffee shop. With persuasion and persistence the possibilities are endless…

The Jailbreak event will commence on Wednesday 23 May and you will be given 36 hours to venture as far afield as possible. There will be an information meeting this Thursday in Red Bar (Frenchay Campus) at 5.30pm until 7pm, and also on Thursday 10 May. For further information visit:

www.chooseachallenge.com/hitch/uwe-jailbreak or contact Safiyyah Henderson, your Vice President of Societies and Communications at: vpsocsandcomms@uwe.ac.uk, telephone: 0117 3283 291