>National demonstration to take place this autumn

Current NUS President, Liam Burns, has been re-elected to continue in office until July 2013. During Burns’ first year as President he ran the ‘Come Clean’ campaign and achieved ‘ground-breaking’ commitment from Universities UK and Guild HE to oppose ‘hidden course costs’. After being re-elected with 57% of the votes, he stated: “I am delighted students have put their trust in me and re-elected me to serve a second term as NUS President.” Other elected members of the National Executive Committee were Rachel Wenstone for Vice President of Higher Education; Dannie Grufferty for Vice President of Society and Citizenship; Pete Mercer, who was re-elected as Vice President of Welfare and Student Rights and Vikki Baars for Union Development Vice President.
The conference also saw an overwhelming amount of votes in favour of organising a national demonstration against fees, cuts and privatisation. The demonstration is expected to be carried out this autumn term. Join ‘NUS #DEMO 2012 – Fight fees, cuts and privatisation’ on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the demonstration’s progress.
For more information on the NUS conference visit: www.nusconnect.org.uk/conference/elections