In what can only be described as a great success, the sign announcing that Frenchay’s NatWest branch will close permanently from Monday 30 April has been replaced by another stating that it will now remain open, but with reduced hours.

This development follows a meeting that was held between the University and NatWest, which UWESU’s Education Vice President, Olly Reid, was able to shed some light on: “I am of the understanding that it became clear that NatWest had some kind of contract to serve with UWE, although I do not know the ins and outs.”
However, the valiant efforts of the student body must not be forgotten, as Olly continued to highlight: “The campaign regardless of outcome has shown the power of the student voice. To get 200 to 300 students involved within a very small period of time shows how quickly we can mobilise and make a difference”.
“UWE is not just a university; we are a community,” Olly added. “And one that closely mirrors the diversity of Bristol itself. We have over 2200 students that live on campus that come to UWE from all over the world and from all kinds of backgrounds, disabilities and socio-economic statuses. The bank provides a vital life line, especially for disadvantaged students who rely on bursaries, international bank transfers, Disabled Students Allowance etc. and I am proud to have represented the student voice and helped keep the banking provision within our community.”
The new opening hours for the branch will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-3pm and during the holidays, Tuesday and Thursday 10am-3pm.

Aminah Jagne